Business Eye 360º

Exploring data value with 360º insights

Business Eye 360º is an application designed to collect and aggregate large amounts of structured or unstructured data from different sources. The application extracts, treats, and correlates the data, and presents the information, using customized dashboards, views and analysis reports.

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Main Features

The application offers a set of features designed for high performance detailed analysis on commercial, operational and management information, offering a real-time oversight of organizational status.


Presenting intuitive interfaces with high usability, the application requires minimum training and short time to usage;
Highly flexible access control mechanisms assure that the information is disseminated in the way that your users need, improving performance and control policies;
External data sources speedy setup, complemented with an easy internal information access configuration, guarantee a myriad of relevant reports and information cross analysis.

Innovative approach

The aggregation of every information source on one single platform facilitates the analysis work and offers users across different domains the possibility to work over the same set of KPIs and analysis;
The introduction of standard analysis groups (e.g., distributors, teams, sales force, products) allows for a strict business area breakdown analysis and identification of correlations between distinct operational areas;
Drill down functionalities over any set of information permits the discovery of elemental data and statistical correlations that influence business on operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Knowledge presentation

By including, in its core architecture, an aggregation of information by operational area, the application lets your users discover and correlate data across the organization and according to a set of variables and filters specific to each business area;
By selecting different types of presentation views and analysis, your users are able to discover previously unidentified trends, risks and data relations.

High performance

The possibility to access different data sources and process the data via ETL (Extract, Treat and Load) models in a real time, resource conditioned, approach, guarantees high performance information queries and presentation;
Such high-performance architecture provides an ability to create multi-variable data queries accompanied by an instant response to the most complex analytical models;
Availability of open APIs to other systems and databases, and the intuitive integration of different data sources into ETL models, allows for a fast and efficient implementation.

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