Bettertech focuses on the design and implementation of business software projects, developing the best solutions and platforms according to the specific needs of each client.

Bettertech - Software Solutions

Our team is mainly comprised of committed and enthusiastic computer and systems engineers.

From dream to reality

If you have a "dream" that can be realized through an information system, please contact us. Together we will make it happen!

Our Team

Bettertech currently consists of a permanent staff way above 30 employees, of which more than half of the are trained in computer engineering areas and/or systems. Bettertech subdivided into four key departments for the development of each project:

  • Bettertech - Business Software
  • Software Developers
  • Bettertech Comercial and Marketing
  • Bettertech Helpdesk Team

Multinational References

Some of the leading companies that use Bettertech software solutions:

Bettertech Multinational References