Power Delivery (Android)

Logistic Mobility

Power Delivery application allows you to manage the end point activities of an integrated logistics transportation system, such as payments collection or door to door delivery. It does it through mobile features that communicate with management systems in real time.

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Main Features

Power Delivery is a mobile application that offers features for the management of transport, payments, delivery and product picking activities at the points of origin or consumption.

Customers, Products and Users

The app Power Delivery allows the registration of customer data and a catalog of products and respective specifications with regard to prices, discounts, transport values and containers.

Key Features:
Customer registration and characterization;
Products catalog;
Financial business rules;
Logistics business rules;
Operational notes on addresses, locations and payment methods;
Registration of users and access permissions.

Delivery Management

Deliveries are mapped in the form of a document logical object. Each document contains customer data, the conditions and characteristics of the delivery, the location, the products to be delivered.

Key Features:
Synchronization of deliveries in real-time;
Delivery priorities, status look-ups and control;
Partial deliveries or no delivery events;
Containers automatic processing;
Current stock real-time communication (products and containers);
Printing of delivery receipts;
Notes and comments on delivery events.

Payments Management

Depending on the type of delivery, business industry or customer, a collection of payment on delivery may be required.

Key Features:
Unpaid documents listing;
Automation of products and containers payments;
Full or partial payments;
Different payment methods;
Listing of payments made and respective methods;
Printing of payment stubs;
Notes and observations.

Routes Management

The delivery route is established depending on the locations and conditions of delivery. The application makes it possible, on the basis of incidents or events to change the routes dynamically and communicate these changes in real-time to the driver/courier.

Key Features:
Easy delivery route look-up;
Check-in and check-out features;
Incident, events, delivery and inactive times synchronization;
Rerouting alerts;
GPS systems interfaces;
Notes and observations.

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