myTeam (iOS + Android)

Mobility of your Operational Team

myTeam is a corporate collaboration software application that implements the PDC (Plan-Do-Check) cycle for business process management via an unified and structured communication framework. It is composed of a core module for collaborative work management to witch several operational and control feature modules can be added.

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Main Features

myTeam app provides process collaboration and execution features for teams that require ubiquitous business information access.

Workplan and Customers to visit

The calendar displays the appointments, planned visits and ongoing activities. The sites to visit or the customer to reach are also displayed on the respective day of the calendar.

Customer's Information

The customer’s record collects, in real time, all the information associated with the customer.

Key Features:
Contacts and follow-ups;
Activities and events;
Active processes;
Installed equipment;
Contracts and documents;
Commercial statistics;
Financial statistics.

Sales visit report registration

The visit report is registered via a follow-up. The follow-up encloses, besides the details of the visit, the necessary information to identify the next follow-up, such as the date and the follow-up type.

Events and Activities

During a sales visit, a situation may occur that ought to be registered in the customer’s history, or that requires the attention of the back-office team.


The forms collected at sales visits will be used to improve the information about the customer.


The photos taken during the sales visit may be associated to a customer/business opportunity/process.

Products Catalog

Product portfolio presentation via a catalog. It allows the user to present the products in an easy and intuitive way, displaying the technical details, images and the associated documents.

These documents may take the form of video, websites, .pdf or MS Powerpoint.

Orders Suggestion

Selection of products from the catalog and automated addition to shopping cart, presenting quantities, prices and discounts. Transformation of shopping cart into different documents: Orders suggestion; Quotes; and Stock audits; that may be printed or sent to customers.


Digital contents, available to consult or present to customers.

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