Time Tracker (iOS)

Keep your time up-to-date

Time Tracker is an iOS native application for time management that allows teams to track and register their time while working on a single activity or on a project. Managers can follow the progress and adjust priorities in real time so that deadlines are met on a permanent basis.

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Main Features

Time Tracker provides features built for accurate time management and control.


The configuration of Time Tracker application is performed by data synchronization with systems on the back office that manage the logical objects (permissions, teams, activities, processes and projects) handled by the application.

To this end, the application is made available with a simple mobile access license and key.

My Activities

The main objective of Time Tracker application is the registration of the time that a worker spends during the implementation of its activities, whether ad hoc or inserted in a process or project.

Key Features:
List of pending activities;
Creation of new activities;
Identification of priorities;
Time Registration (check-in and check-out);
Activity execution percentage;
Estimated completion;
Change of priorities.

My Team

The dynamics of teams require the availability of work management collaborative tools. However, the organization of team work requires more than the simple communication and artifacts management necessary for the implementation of activities by the different elements of a team.

Key Features:
List of teams;
List of team members;
Workloads (member, team and project);
Activity allocation to teams;
Edition of priorities;
Edition of deadlines.

The Reports

The execution of activities, whether these are inserted into projects or not, requires a comprehensive control in order to accurately manage the potential risks of execution and to implement corrective or optimization measures that fit the objectives of the projects and the organization.

Key Features:
Status of projects;
Status of teams;
Availability per employee and teams;
Deviations and execution risks;
Workloads by type of activity;
Productivity and Performance indicators.

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